Cruise packages are gaining a lot of popularities among the holiday makers because of the many advantages the cruise packages can offer.

  1. Easy on packing – Visiting different cities along the cruise route does not require you to keep changing hotels.
  2. Food and entertainment onboard are included in the package too.
  3. Cashless vacations – Almost everything onboard and shore excursions can be paid using your cabin keys and settling after check out
  4. Visiting many cities/countries in a trip

It is an all-in vacation without hassle and tussle.

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Diamond Princess

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A spacious island located at Japan’s northern extremity with festivals throughout the seasons. A region with an abundance of natural beauty.  In Hokkaido you can enjoy the magnificence of nature to your heart’s content: Daisetsu-zan National Park, which forms the roof of Hokkaido; the secluded Shiretoko-hanto Peninsula; Kushiro Marsh, home to many precious living things such as Japanese cranes; Shikotsu-Toya National Park, which is full of volcanoes and lakes; and the ever-changing Shakotan-kaigan Coast. There are also numerous hot springs, like the Noboribetsu-onsen, Jozan-kei-onsen and Soun-kyo-onsen, where you can enjoy a leisurely bath to help you get over the fatigue of your journey.

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